Here are the positive things people have said about my work.

“Hell is Everyone But You by Scott Kinkade is a short story that was touching on many levels. It tells of a chance meeting in a holiday resort of two people that just want to escape reality. Fiction writers would say that it’s harder to write a short story than a long novel. The challenge is not to rush things or introduce characters that are not fleshed out. This is a challenge that I feel Scott handled really well. This story encourages as well as offers hope for us all. One other thing I took from this story was the sensory sensitivity that people with Asperger’s feel.”

“‘The Game Called Revolution’ by Scott Kinkade is a steam-punk novel set during the French Revolution. A group of elite knights led by Jeanne de Fleur try to defend King Louis of France from attack. I think certain parts of the book could have been fleshed out more, while others not so much. The descriptions were somewhat narrow and there were some grammatical errors. In saying that, the concept was good, characters were enjoyable…overall a pleasant read.”

“I say! What a ride! A very different steampunk novel, there are plenty of heroic characters and villains that I felt involved with and I particularly liked the way the author used Enlightenment-era inventions…”

“It was populated with distinctive and well defined characters. I felt Michael was the richer of the MCs, as he had excellent character depth and motive, and a consistence development arc. Character development over all was good, some being more believable than others. Good plot, no twists but well paced with plenty of action.”

“‘The Revolution Beyond Time’ by Scott Kinkade is a historical sci-fi story set in an alternate reality. Yes the plot is a bit of a mish-mash of Star Trek and the wild west but as these are two of my favourite genres I’m not about to complain. This author did a superb job from start to finish, although it did lull in the middle a bit. I thoroughly enjoyed this book which was fun to read so I walked away with a smile. I also didn’t see any significant editorial issues in this work so I positively look forward to anything and this author puts out in the future.”

“This was a nice read, fluid, action packed and well-developped. Not ground breaking but worth the time. Now I just need to read Volume 2, which I seem to have skipped. Each volume is self-contained, so they are readable in any order.”

“‘Anyone can gain power,” Jaysin said. ‘See what a person does with it, then you’ll know if they deserve to be called a god.’ This is some book. From the time I first saw a sidebar ad for it someplace I was fascinated. Then, as usual, I read the ‘author acknowledgements’ and got the story that this Bible College graduate wanted to write a series ala Harry Potter, using (little g) gods instead of wizards, admitted to being a mythology ‘nerd’, and was trying to multi-task several books at once. My type of author! So, here we are, a sixty year old Progressive minister, also a Bible School grad, and an author who writes fantasy rooted deeply in religion , mythos and ethics with a quirky sense of humor. I have to tell you, this looked like I might have made a bad choice when I couldn’t see even a paper copy of God School in my County Library system. And boy, do I love to be proved wrong. This book is great! Any kid/adult into gaming will be able to understand it. Any Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings afficianado will be glad to read it. And for the many adults who were younger in the heyday of Harry Potter, make room in the bookcase for a wonderful series. Highly recommended.”

“Last night I couldn’t fall asleep so I thought I would read a few chapters of ‘God School’ by author Scott Kinkade. Well it’s now 2.07 am and I have read the whole thing!! Although the author has created clever fantasy world and crafted an exciting story, the real strength of this novel is the development of the intriguing characters, including the hero Ev. The author does a good job of describing the surroundings and feelings of each scene. Its short, but I’m not surprised – as in this day and age many authors cut their books up into two or three, although I for one am not bothered either way. It is truly worth the price and time to read. I really hope the second book is right around the corner!!”

“Very different from what I usually read. But I absolutely loved it. I’m reading Incident 27 now.”

“Incident 27 by Scott Kinkade is simply ‘electric’, as it blends the paranormal with mythology, and action with suspense. Ev Bannen is back at school and set in a clever fantasy world of a school for Gods! It’s number two in the Divine Protector Series, so I would suggest reading book number one first – ‘God School’. But before you run away screaming in horror at the prospect of another fantasy/adventure, let me explain. This story is about people, people that are trying to figure out about themselves and the world around them. As the story unfolds, the characters begin grow into new and complex individuals. All in all, this for me, makes for an amazing read.”